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in General - 10 Feb, 2014
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I know most people think promise rings are silly, but I have wanted one for as long as I can remember as I think it signifies a real special bond between two people. I have been looking around a few different online shops lately to see what types of promise rings are available and in […]

in Book - 13 Jan, 2014
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So after all the whooha surrounding this Game of Thrones television series I decided that I would try reading the books that they are based on. I was given the first book for Christmas and have already finished it only a couple of weeks later – it’s pretty good. The book isn’t your typical fantasy […]

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in General - 01 Jan, 2014
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Welcome to my blog everyone! I love all things Jewellery – the shiner and brighter the better! I hope to bring you some of the best jewellery deals from around the net, but also anything else that I find interesting or that catches my eye. I hope you will enjoy the journey with me and […]