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in Book - 13 Jan, 2014
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Book Review – A Game of Thrones

So after all the whooha surrounding this Game of Thrones television series I decided that I would try reading the books that they are based on. I was given the first book for Christmas and have already finished it only a couple of weeks later – it’s pretty good.

The book isn’t your typical fantasy novel and there are lots of twists and turns, but the characters are all well thought out and each one has plenty of depth to them. The best thing about having read this book is that now I understand all the various references people use around me. And having been warned that the author likes to kill off his characters, I have been able to not create any emotional attachments to anyone – although I suspect I won’t be able to if I continue reading the series.

I really like the authors style and the way that he meticulously describes every single detail so that you can fully appreciate the setting and what is happening. If you are someone that just wants to get to the action, then this book might not be for you, however, if you stick with it there is plenty of interesting bits for you to enjoy, but you will have to read through the whole thing to get there.


Overall I think that most people will like this book and so with that in mind I am recommending that you read it, even if it is just so you know what everyone is talking about when it comes to the TV show.

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