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in General - 10 Feb, 2014
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Choosing your own Promise Ring?

I know most people think promise rings are silly, but I have wanted one for as long as I can remember as I think it signifies a real special bond between two people. I have been looking around a few different online shops lately to see what types of promise rings are available and in what designs. I have a feeling that with Valentines Day being just around the corner, that my boyfriend might be planning on giving me a ring.


He has been asking a couple of questions around what type of rings that I like, so I will be surprised if I don’t get one, but who knows… I really like this ring that I found on Pinterest, as well as both of these infinity promise rings, however they are all so expensive and i’m not sure the BF will want to spend that kind of money, especially when we are going out to a nice restaurant for Valentines Day. I have showed him the rings that I like, so hopefully he gets one of them, or at least one that is similar.

I was asking my friends what they think about promise rings, and most of them think that promise rings are just something that religious people give to each other and that it is not relevant anymore, but I still really want one. Perhaps I am just a little bit old fashioned with my views?

So I want to know if any one that reads this blog things that promise rings are tacky / not relevant anymore, or if you still really like the idea and want one for yourself? Also, what are you doing for Valentines Day? Do you have someone special in your life that you are doing something with, or are you planning on sitting at home in front of Bridget Jones diary like I did last year?

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